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Relief for YOU, your Best Friend, and the Horse you Rode in On.


Farming HEMP since 2018, we are committed to organic practices, offering high quality ingredients, and personal customer care.  Our products do not contain flavorings or preservatives that could cause neurological interference. At Appalachia Hemp Farm, it is our operating principle that everyone should have access to CBD relief.


Family Owned, Family Grown.
















Our Full Spectrum Hemp Extracts are rich in CBD, as well as an entourage of beneficial cannabanoids found in the hemp flower.  We test for Potency and Impurities using Third Party Laboratories to ensure the Highest Quality of Products on the Local Market.

Appalachia Hemp Farm is located on the banks of the Nolichucky River in the Appalachian Mountains of Eastern Tennessee. Our plants are hand raised, irrigated with our own mountain spring water, and are nourished by neighboring grass pastured sheep.

Chemical Free

Environmentally Sustainable

Zero Isolates

Full Spectrum

No Flavorings

Whole Ingredients

Product Visibility


Hand Made,

From The SOIL To The OIL

CBD For YOU, Your BEST FRIEND, And The HORSE You Rode In On.


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