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CBD: The Anti-Inflammatory

Cannabidiol(CBD) is one of over a hundred beneficial Cannabinoids found in heavy concentration throughout the Hemp plant, specifically in the Hemp Flower. 

CBD is a strong anti-inflammatory that is absorbed by CB Receptors found in all mammals' EndoCannabinoid System.  The EndoCannabinnoid System regulates Homeostasis (physiological stability).

The rest of the cannabinoids aide by encouraging the CB Receptors to "open"and absorb CBD. This means ALL mammals find Relief from the Anti-Inflammatory effects of CBD; reducing, and sometimes eliminating Pain, Stress, Allergies, and Fatigue when introduced together.

This Complete "Entourage" of Cannabinoids and the natural occurring Terpenes in the Hemp Flower are referred to as FULL SPECTRUM. Terpenes are fragrant compounds found in a variety of plants and their fruits such as Limonene in citrus peels.             

CBD alone isn't as effective as a Full Spectrum compound which is why not all feedback of CBD use is positive. There are products on the market that contain CBD Isolates, without the entourage of essential cannabinoids or terpenes that allow the full benefits of the Cannabidiol.

Medical Universities throughout the United Stated have found CBD to relieve suffering from Epileptic episodes and other conditions causing seizures as well as cancer patients. 

These studies reflect a minimum usage amount of 1 milligram of CBD per 10 pounds of body weight to be effective. Thus, a 100 pound mammal would start to find relief with 10 mg of CBD. A 1000 pound horse would start finding relief with 100 mg of CBD. Multiple doses may be necessary for complete recovery. Individual results may vary.

A daily regiment of Full Spectrum Hemp is encouraged for maintenance of health and immunity, potentially replacing ineffective supplements.

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